Wine Tasting - Discover Romania’s wine treasures in a relaxed way - 49 Euro

Join us in discovering amazing Romanian wines, guided by Wine Expert Marina Samoilă, co-founder

Our host has selected, for each session, unique Romanian artisanal wines from different regions of Romania. Throughout the sessions you will be guided through the deep connection between each wine bottle and its terroir, history, traditions and the masters that created it with a great amount of passion and responsibility.

Session includes:

  • 4 glasses of wine (75 ml each)
  • The guide that will tell you unknown stories about the wines and Romania as a wine producing country
  • Snacks
  • Water 

Duration: 60 min.

Location: Crowne Plaza

Language: the wine tasting is in English. 

Guided wine tasting session

Be our star guest for one hour. You will taste 4 unique and delicious wines produced in Romania. Discover Romania’s wine heritage, cool stories and indigenous grape varieties.

What’s included in this experience:

  • 4 glasses of wine, snacks, water;
  • A guide;

LAST SPOTS FOR Thursday, May 25, 17:00;