Train Enigma - real life game in a moving train - 65 Euro

Prepare to have awesome fun!

  • real-life game
  • emulating a “spy-mission”
  • with live actors
  • in real-life moving trains
  • with diverse online & offline challenges
  • in multiple cities

Why do humans need games and stories?


★ achievement — advance + compete with others

★ social — forms connections, common story

★ immersion — play + escape from perceived stress

★ development — learning & overcoming obstacles


★ Stories do cause consistently oxytocin synthesis

★ Understand and retain information

★ “Storytelling may turn out to be the most human art of all”

TRAIN ENIGMA has all this! And more…

Train Enigma is probably the biggest real-life game in CEE and the only one in moving trains in Europe.

What you need to know (now)?

  • Start/End: the game starts at ends at the Conference Venue, Crown Plaza Hotel.
  • Safety: you will be guided via the actors and the game, trough trains and cities – but you’ll always be safe (and don’t need to know any Romanian geography 🙂
  • Missions: Undercover agents, online & live interactions, encrypted chats, coded websites, secrets, enigmas, funny video challenges etc.
  • Language: the game is in English. All actors and a lot of Romanians know English.
  • Fun: the basis of all we do and are.
  • Unexpected / Real Life Game: you’ll never know who is and who is not part of the game. It all blends in.

What’s included in this experience:

  • Train tickets
  • Taxi ride
  • Live actors
  • WiFi for Train Rides
  • Surprises

Only one session available!

Friday, 26 May | Start: 11:15 | End: 15:45

Both Start & End are at the Conference Venue, Crown Plaza, for easy access.