Mihai Cepoi

Founder & CEO Jobful

Like every other person, Mihai Cepoi, the founder of Romanian recruitment platform Jobful, has been through some very unpleasant experiences in the process of applying for a job. "I've been applying on three different job boards, trying to go to career sites and two different employers and it was awful as an experience," Mihai shares.

So he decided to create a platform focused on human talent, where people could gain motivation. The idea for Jobful, the first gamified recruitment platform in Romania, came from Mihai's desire to create a place where people could enjoy the process of applying for a job, with the best outcome for the business as well.

The young entrepreneur has a background in enterprise sales and presales, and HR. He used to work at SAP where he was appointed MVP for HR sales. In 2018 he left to be fully in charge of Jobful. In 2019 Mihai was included in the generation of Forbes Romania 30 under 30 and in 2022 he was granted the Award for Technology & Innovation by Aspen Institute.