Cornel Amariei

Inventor, Ten Outstanding Young Persons Finalist, Founder dotLumen

Inventor, Author, Entrepreneur, known for founding .lumen – a startup that creates glasses which empower the blind to live a better life ( www.dotlumen.com). Previously, Cornel had the Head of Innovation position at Continental Automotive Systems, promoted at only 23 years old.

Cornel was born in a family where both of his parents have locomotive disabilities and his sister has mental disabilities. But rather than limiting him, these modest and different beginnings, fueled his curiosity and transformed him into an innovator and entrepreneur. Cornel is also a prolific inventor, lead inventor in over 30 patents, a musician, world traveler, industrial designer and photographer.

For his work, Cornel Amariei became the first Romanian to be nominated for Forbes 30 under 30 Europe, the first Romanian to receive the Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World award by JCI, shared in the past with personalities such as JFK and Elvis Presley, and, in 2021, the first Romanian to be a laureate of the Global Business Hall of Fame by JA, shared with Melanie Perkins, founder of Canva, and in the past, shared with personalities such as Estee Lauder or Levi Strauss.