Developing Leaders for a Changing World

JCI Romania

Starting with 2013 we succeeded in uniting over 300 members in 9 local chapters from all major Romanian cities and growing a sustainable national organisation through the most valuable resource, people. 

JCI Romania is a rising star. It grew bigger and stronger with the help of its leaders, involved members, numerous partners and sponsors. 

Since the very beginning our organisation showcased plenty of involved members and available resources to take everything to the next level.

Existam din
Cauze sustinute

We implemented remarkable projects which were awarded internationally. We designed projects with great impact aimed to meet social, economic and environmental challenges in the local communities that will bring significant improvements in the sustainable development, environmental issues and social inclusion. 

JCI Romania demonstrated through TOYP that Romania grows valuable, impactful individuals for their communities. 

In 2018, Cornel Amariei and in 2020, Mihai Toader-Pasti, two proud Romanians were selected among the 10 most outstanding young people worldwide. 

Our active members, along with the Alumni and our very involved and supportive Senators have built over the years a strong organisation. 

JCI Romania is a community with great goals and big dreams which continues to develop powerful partnerships. Each of them nurtures the soil for future generations of leaders to understand that leading is our duty!