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JCI Bucharest Community

JCI Bucharest is the first local chapter of JCI established in Romania since 2002. Over the years, members of JCI Bucharest had an active contribution in establishing most of the other local chapters of JCI across Romania. 

Since the very beginning, JCI Bucharest has focused its activity on the creation of business opportunities, accompanied by projects dedicated to international relations, individual and community development. 

Projects we are proud of ...

Some of our entrepreneurial development projects are: 

  • Business Target Club
  • Bucharest Can Bike
  • Empowering entrepreneurs
  • Young Entrepreneurs – Mini MBA – designated as the Best Local Economic Development Program at the 2020 European Conference
  • Business Meets Diplomacy
  • Web Talks
  • Make it Grow – awarded as Best Local Corporate Social Responsibility Program at the 2019 European Conference

JCI Board Members 2022

Irina Botnari


Alexandra Turcu

Immediate Past President

Alexandru Teodorescu

Executive President

Aniela Nica

Human Resources Vicepresident

Andrei Dunuță

Marketing & Communication Vicepresident

Anca Coandă

International Relationships Director

Alina Colceriu

Secretary General

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