You can get to Bucharest by plane

The biggest airport in Romania and closest to Bucharest is Henri Coanda (Otopeni) International Airport (OTP) and is located in the Northern part of the capital in the small town of Otopeni – that’s why the short name for the airport is Bucharest Otopeni. The airport has an official website.

Bucharest Otopeni Airport is 12 km away from Crowne Plaza, the main conference venue. It takes around 15 minutes by car/taxi to get here. The airport is also about 20 km away from the city centre (Piata Universitatii and Old Town area). Depending on the time of day you travel (traffic hours) and means of transport, you’ll need about 30-60 min. There are 3 ways to get from Bucharest Airport to the city:

  • by car 
  • public bus
  • train to North Train Station

You can get to Bucharest by train

Bucharest North Train Station – Gara de Nord

The main train station in Bucharest is Gara de Nord (translated simply as North Train Station). This is where all national and international trains arrive and depart. 

Gara de Nord is always bustling with activity and will give you the usual ‘train station’ experience. Inside the train station there are many places to get food, sandwiches, drinks and there’s even a supermarket and exchange office.

You can get to Bucharest by car

The traffic in Romania is bearable, getting to Bucharest by car is a good choice for those that want to explore more of what Romania has to offer.