Get to know #EC2023 participants

 Get to know #EC2023 participants

A few weeks ago, we were curious to get to know our conference-goers so we sent a survey and asked you guys to fill it out. We’ve now closed the survey and started looking at the results. 

Read on if you want to find out who’s coming with you to the conference!


Regarding our participants’ occupations, we were glad to learn that half of our respondents were entrepreneurs (40%) and freelancers (10%). Business owners and freelancers have much to learn from this year’s European Conference, especially the Business Summit. 

Seniority Level

Only a small part (less than 5%) of respondents said they were in an entry-level position. In contrast, a strong half of the participants admitted to being in senior-level positions. Finally, the remaining 45% occupied mid-level positions.


To conclude our survey, we asked our participants to tell us in what industry they currently work so that we could get a feel of the diverse group of people coming to the conference. It was interesting to see that a big part (20%) of our respondents work in corporate services. Software & IT services were second, and manufacturing, healthcare, legal and media & communications  all accounted for around 10% of EC-goers. Less than half work in transportation & logistics, construction and finance. 

In conclusion, we’re so happy to see such a gathering of successful professionals coming to our conference!

This survey really helped us paint a better picture of our conference-goers and helped us create a more suitable experience for everyone that’s coming. 

If you’re interested in sharing and participating in our survey, you can fill it out here.