General FAQ's

Unfortunately you can not. The only payment option is $.

All the tickets are sold through JVC so the only responsible for invoice issuing is JCI HQ. Please send an email to with your company details. JCI Bucharest can’t help you with the invoice.

A dedicated team is available to discuss and identify the best partnership package tailored specially for you. Check our standard partnership proposals here and get in touch with Andreea Barbu, our Partnerships Director:

Card payment on JVC through PayPal.

Please note that there is no need for you to have a PayPal account in order to make the payment, since it’s made through the “guest checkout” option. You just have to fill in your bank card information here like any other payment gateway.

Bank transfer

You can also transfer your registration fee to the JCI KBC bank account. Please keep in mind: the bank account is for EURO, the conference fee is in $.

Steps to follow:

  1. Check here how much euros are 475$ TODAY;
  2. Add to that amount your bank extra fees for the transaction;
  3. Proceed with the transfer:



IBAN: BE75731015741051EUR


DETAILS: EC 2023 Registration

  1. Notify JCI Events via after the payment is made.

* You can request an invoice from JCI, please provide all the details to

* To ensure the proper account is credited, indicate the invoice number on the wire transfer.

Card payment through Transaction Central 

Some of you may have already used this option before with JCI. It is a manual transaction platform used by JCI when there are issues with some credit cards. It is really simple, you just have to fill in an authorization form (find it here), and upload it to and someone from JCI HQ will contact you to provide you with a receipt.

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