Edutainment agenda

 Edutainment agenda

We know that this is also one of the most expected update that everyone is waiting for. Sightseeing, culture, and leisure activities are as important as the JCI Program, Business Summit, Expo, GAs, Public Speaking & Debating.

We’re getting ready to reveal the EC 2023 edutainment agenda as well, but there are still a few things to set in place, some agreements to sign and some planning to do. Some of the activities that will be on the list are: 

  • Old Town City Tour; 
  • Northern part of the city + Village Museum Tour; 
  • Hot Rod Fun City Tour; 
  • Wine tasting; 
  • Coffee workshop; 
  • Castles one day Tour; 
  • One day off road experience paired with wine tasting at a famous winery; 
  • Palace of the Parliament visit; 
  • Train Enigma – real life game on a moving train; 
  • Questo – real-world city exploration games. 

And some more.

Get ready to enjoy this conference at its fullest. You’ll hear from us pretty soon.