Dear jaycee,

First of all. We are so excited to welcome you to the JCI European Conference in Bucharest, Romania!

You’re already planning your trip to Romania and you’re probably wondering if you need a visa for entering Romania. Well, the answer is: it depends.

Romania has been a member of the European Union (EU) since 2007 so depending on your citizenship and documents different regulations may apply. 

Secondly, dear friend. Please do your own research on this topic. It’s 1500 of you who may need our help. We just can not do this for you.

But, to make your life easier, we’ve prepared a guide about how and where to check all the necessary details.

The easiest and fastest way to check if you need a visa is on our Ministry of Foreign Affairs webpage here (click and read carefully).

  1. If the answer is no, congrats! Just go book your stay and see you in Bucharest.
  2. If the answer is yes, carry on reading.

I do need a visa to come to Romania

Obtaining a visa requires several documents to be provided to the Romanian Embassy in your country. One of these documents is often a mandatory “invitation letter”.

In order to facilitate the issue of visas, the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has an electronic portal, which can be accessed 24/7 at address, with the aim of reducing the waiting time at a diplomatic mission/consulate and at streamlining the visa application process.

The eVisa portal offers visa applicants the opportunity to demonstrate the fulfilment of legal requirements by loading online all the necessary information and supporting documents before going to the diplomatic mission/consulate. The documents are verified by the consular staff, who give online feed-back and inform the applicant about his/her possibility to make an online appointment through the portal, for a certain date and time, when to be present at the relevant diplomatic mission or consulate in order to have the original documents verified and the file registered.

The eVisa portal offers users the possibility to check the status of their applications online, in any moment.

How to get the invitation letter from us

To obtain an invitation letter from the EC Bucharest, you need to comply with the following conditions: 

Proof of full payment of conference ticket

  • If your ticket was purchased individually, your payment confirmation is the email you got after buying the ticket from JVC.
  • If not paid yet, please pay ASAP and confirm.
  • If your ticket was part of a group purchase, we need a written confirmation of the JCI President on whose level the group purchase has been made that you were part of the group purchase + you have paid your full ticket price.

Proof of JCI membership / connection

  • If you are a JCI member, we need a letter from your local / national JCI President to confirm your valid JCI membership. 
  • If you are a partner of a JCI member, we need a letter from the local JCI President of the chapter of your JCI-partner. 
  • If you are not a JCI member and not a partner of a JCI member: Please elaborate on your connections / links with JCI (names, events, etc) and/or your personal reasons for visiting the conference 

Fill out this Request Form and submit there both documents as mentioned above.

  1. We will perform the necessary verifications. We’ll check if the Request Form has been filled completely, whether you have fully paid your conference ticket as well as the proof of JCI membership / connections. 
  2. Upon verification if all conditions are fulfilled, we’ll provide your visa invitation letter.

Please note that this is only one of the documents needed in order to obtain your visa. Please research the instructions of the Romanian Embassy / Consulate in your country very carefully!